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Dr Atomic produced over 9 hours of music between 2000-2010, spanning nearly every electronica genre. Three options for downloading...

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Time Machine
Rock Garden
Toybox Rebellion
Late Night Vigils

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In the tabs below you can find all of the electronica albums Dr Atomic produced from 2005-2010.

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Syzygy was written, performed and produced by Dr Atomic
Acoustic Guitar on Gardens for Dustheaps - Zhang Wei
Female Vocals on Force Majure - Tamara Martella
Keyboard on Bitterness - Eric Dozier

Special Thanks:

Jarome Matthew for mastering assistance
Alexei Berteig for the cover photo
Charlie Kirby for the dialogue

noun – Astronomy
  1. a conjunction or opposition, esp. of the moon with the sun:
    The planets were aligned in syzygy.
  2. a pair of connected or corresponding things:
    Animus and anima represent a supreme pair of opposites, the syzygy.
  3. an electronica (non)concept album by Dr Atomic

This breakbeat DJ collection features original nuskool breaks produced in 2009-2010 in Beijing, China. (Dian TiaoWu is Chinese for 'electric dance'.) Funky, fresh and most of all — ph PHUN!

Actually, I use the term "nuskool breaks" rather liberally. For there are layers of frosty-sweet trance, techno, house and progressive styles lying on top of some pretty chewy breakbeat cake. So you be the judge.

Download with extreme fortitude dudes. (The button below is for split tracks. If you like one big MP3, download with the soundcloud widget.)

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The voiceover in the opening comes from a TED conference speech by Jill Bolte Taylor - watch the video.

Release date: Sept 1st, 2010

Nether World is an ambient electronica meditation on the ephemeral nature of the physical world, a shadow being cast by a much greater reality.

Available in two formats, either as a complete CD (with individual tracks) or as a full-length meditation mix best experienced late at night with headphones and candles.

The DRs prescription: DOWNLOAD the meditation mix, don your best headphones, flick off the lights, flame up the candles and drift off into the cosmos.

Featuring performances by Eric Harper (acoustic and electric guitar), Zhang Wei (guzheng) and Jin R (yangqin). Quotes read by Rey Loo, Sarah Munro, Tebby Motshedi Khutsoane, Bill Jurney and some other surprise guests.

Last but not least, the quotes in the album are deeply spiritual and philosophical and originate from the Baha'i Sacred Writings.

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An exploration of armageddon angst in throbbing bass, quirky beats and a bizarre array of characters. Covers a wide variety of electronica styles (electro, ambient, downtempo and more). Your soundtrack for the the end of the world (as we know it).

Produced in 2009 in Beijing, China.

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Hallucignosis investigates the thin line between revelation and hallucination in a half dozen different electronica styles. 14 tracks - over 70 minutes.

Written and produced by Dr Atomic in 2007 in Olympia, Washington. Guest performances by Kai Eastman, Billy Harris, Seamus Heistand, Patrick Markham and Jennifer Sheehan. Mixed by Jon Rezin of Small Room Productions and mastered by Chris Athens of Sterling Sound.

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Various house and breakbeat mix sets produced by Dr Atomic thru the years.

New Particles Vol 1  Track List

New Particles Vol 2  Track List

Rock Man Mix  Track List

See also Dian TiaoWu which is a breakbeat album produced entirely with original tracks.

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